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Together we can conquer your fitness journey. Its about having fun, being comfortable, loving yourself and bringing out the best in you. Let's build that confidence, feel stronger and open our minds to a new lifestyle.

*Unleash the strength you have inside

*Feel Comfortable in your own skin

*Gain Confidence- Believe in Yourself

*Focus on you & your goals- It's your body!

*Feel Stronger. Be Happy.

*Workout at your own convenience

*At Home Fitness- Can be done Anytime, Anywhere

*Created by a certified Personal Trainer

*Effective Workouts to get your body moving, build

strength and endurance.

As a Certified Personal Trainer and former fitness studio owner, I have helped many reach their fitness goals, and have seen the determination, hard work and smiles at the end of a session. Fitness has helped shape me into the person I am today and I want to share that passion with all of you. Join my monthly membership and get access to ALL of my workouts, including my Fusion Power- 35 day workout program. Grab your weights and get ready to feel strong, believe in yourself, and workout with me! 


Upper & Lower Body Strength Training
HIIT Training

Total Body Workouts

Tabata Style
Resistance Bands & Booty


10-45 Minute Workouts Options
Anytime/ Anywhere
Convenient and Effective
Modifications shown
Minimal Equipment
Fully Instructed by ME!
From My Home to Yours

  • Best Value

    A Year of Fit

    Every month
    Annual Membership- Billed Monthly
    Valid for 12 months
    • Access to ALL workouts
    • Access to Fusion Power- 35 Day Program
    • Recipes
  • 6 Month Membership

    Every month
    Billed Monthly
    Valid for 6 months
    • Access to ALL workouts
    • Access to Fusion Power- 35 Day Program
    • Recipes
  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    Energize your Mind & Body @ Home
    • Unlimited Access to ALL workouts
    • Includes Fusion Power Workout Program
    • Recipes
  • Fusion Power

    35 Day Workout Program
    • Digital Copy of Each Workout
    • Videos of Each Workout
    • 8 Different Workouts that range from Cardio to Strength
    • Calendar to Follow Along With
  • Santa Shred

    • 2 Week Workout Calendar
    • Recipes
    • Health Tips
    • Accountability
    • Understanding of Macros
Fusion Power Flyer.png

Looking to start your fitness journey with a program to follow along with? I created Fusion Power - A 35 Day workout program designed to get you moving, and to guide you through each day. For just $39.99, you have access to the digital copy as well as the videos for all of the workouts PLUS a Calendar to follow along. With a Mixture of HIIT Training, Upper & Lower Body Strength training, Cardio & Core, these workouts are designed to help you sculpt lean muscle. I demonstrate all of the exercises, motivate you to keep going, and show some modifications that can be done so you are still working your body. You are not in this alone. Let me guide you through the workout and be on this fitness journey with you. 

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