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Postpartum Body

Prenatal/ Postpartum Fitness

In April of 2020, I became a first time MOM! I loved being pregnant and all that came with it, but seeing my daughter for the first time gave me a love I had never felt before. This beautiful baby brought so much joy into my life, especially with Covid and the pandemic we were in. With a baby comes the postpartum body. There are several benefits to exercising during pregnancy including boosting your energy and mood, better sleep, keep weight gain under control, and many more. Plus it can help with a smoother labor, delivery and recovery. One thing I had always said from the beginning was I wanted to get right back into a fitness routine. I had some complications after my delivery with my first daughter that pushed back my ability to workout and that was devastating for me. I had a rare severe case of postpartum preeclampsia. BUT, I knew that one day I will get into a new routine that worked for me. Why? Because I was DETERMINED. It was something I needed to do for ME. I understand being a mom is not an easy job and it's always about finding the time to "ourselves". With that being said, my daughter was my motivator. I wanted to be strong for her and I knew I could do anything I put my mind to. Now with 2 little girls, I know my body wont ever be the same, but that doesn't mean I can't feel strong and healthy. Im creating a New body!

So what are you waiting for mama? 

June 2020

June 2021

"In my daughter's eyes I am the world, but in my eyes she gave me the world."

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